1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P Table/Desk Build

The original fold up table by the front bed was gone when I got the camper. I’ve been using a TV Tray which works fine for putting out of the way when not in use.

You can skim the photos or read on for all the details.

Reclaimed a nice piece of wood that was some kind of sewing jig. Primed and painted then attached with a piano hinge I had laying around.

I wanted a solid leg knowing I’d run into it now and then so I measured height and cut a 2×4 to length. Attached it with a small, 4-screw hinge from my stash and a pad to protect the hardwood.

Stowed it with a flexible piece of ripped poplar about 1/4″ thick reclaimed from a pallet I found at the dump. Final product made completely Reclaimed and extra material!

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