Growing Vegetables

Taking a shot at growing my own vegetables! Done the research for my area and I’m a week or two behind getting started but it should be ok.

The vegetables I picked to plant are carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, red peppers and tomatoes. We have plenty of plastic flower pots around to sart them in. Went to Lowes and got seeds and some clear, plastics bases so water doesn’t seep out everywhere. Also found a great deal on those glass bubble plant waterer thingys.

Seeds and water trays

Created a Google docs spreadsheet with milestones like plant, germination, transplant, harvest and a few other dates so I don’t forget where I’m at in the process.

Planting is done!

Vegetables planted

Vegetables planted

And I even had time today to hand till up a small bed and get it ready to fertilize when it’s getting close to transplant time!

Hand tilled bed

Hand tilled bed

Now I water and wait for little sprouts or something to pop up outta the soil in the pots. :>

This is my first attempt at growing edible stuffs so any comments with tips and tricks, ideas or lessons learned are appreciated!

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