1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P Furnace Fix and cover

One thing the PO was actually honest about was telling me the furnace didn’t work because they never used it. Project commence! Furnace was completely full of mud dauber nests, remains and spiders! At least there were no live ones to deal with, I hate bees!! Removed the unit and my handy neighbor who is completely comfortable with gas took it and completely disassembled, drilled out EVERY hole in the burner and cleaned out everything checking each component!

He figured out the gas valve was leaking so I bought a replacement online for about $40 for him to replace. It wasn’t an exact swap and didn’t fit so he essentially parted out the new valve into the old housing. On his recommendation I also bought a new combustion tube and kit he could replace pilot lines.

With a little after install tightening, the new furnace fired up with NO leaks!!

Before we put the furnace back in I resealed the intake/exhaust with putty and secured in place.

I actually bought a screen I had seen on youtube to cover the intake/exhause vent to keep critters out. Well, after discussion and thankfully before opening so I could return the screen, my neighbor made a cap from extra materials around his house to cover the intake/exhaust vent in the summer months so the mud dauber nests don’t reoccur. I drilled a hole in the vent tab to accept allthread hook and matching one in the cover and secured with a wing nut.

I am planning on towing the whole thing down to station8 firehouse and have them sniff the whole thing to make sure there are no leaks then buy a carbon monoxide detector for in the camper and I’ll be comfortable running the furnace in the colder months!

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