1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P Wheel Bearing Repacking

Did my first wheel bearing repacking and it just had to be a dual axle trailer… Turned out to be easy, just time consuming and repetitive. I didn’t know about the inside seals so didn’t replace this time but I will on the next.

They were really dry and shoes were dirty but they cleaned up nice and the drums were worn evenly.

Repacked outer bearings and pushed as much as I could into the inners. Everything went back together smoothly and spun freely.

Here’s another lesson on camper purchasing to look for! I found a ground down wear spot on the driver’s side front tire! Must have locked up at one point on the PO they didn’t tell me about and left on… I wondered if the other 3 could balance the load even though this one was out of round so I posted on irv2.com. Learned something more than an eminent blowout that I didn’t even think about. The “vibration” caused by the bad tire would shake the camper apart so I will not even be using this as a spare! I shopped around and found a used tire in good condition, thick tread and no dry rot for $35 that I’ll use in its place until next replacement.

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