1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P ceiling and roof fix

The old ceiling rafters were rotted and new 2x2s were just screwed to them for support!?!? Also the vent and old antenna location were all leaking so I ripped it all out and my dad came down to help finish the rebuild on the ceiling.

As always, you can follow the photo album from here then read below for the details.

Just for something to do earlier I had taken a rough cut 2×3 my neighbor gave me and re-did the front run with rafter and cross supports. I have had a 2×2 supporting the vent so it was nice to get that out of the way. Old rafters were so rotten I just pulled and they ripped right out! Well, my dad came down to the rescue once again and knocked out the rest of the rafters faster then I could do one!

I had to buy some 2x3s and another size box of screws but everything else is scrap or extra materials around. Next I cut-to-fit FREE insulation I got leftover from one of my aunt’s projects, neighbor had a sheet he gave me and small pieces from work destined for trash!

Next job to tackle is one I’m not looking forward to. Basically all pieces on the roof need putty under them and caulk or tape over to completely seal them from water leaks. I started with the newly leaking old antenna site. Took it all out and patched the hole with a piece of extra sheet metal from neighbor. My mom reminded me I knew how to rivet so I used that to secure the patch. Next I took the vent out, cleaned, resealed and reattached securely to the new rafters.

Finished off all the seams, patch, vent and screws with Dicor self-leveling caulk so should be water tight and only require touch-up once a year.

Still need to re-do the edges and seam along front so I will probably order some 4″ x 50′ roll of eternabond tape for that job then it should be completely ready to take on the weather. Can’t wait to take that big blue tarp off!

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