1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P toilet, ceiling, roof and couch finally!

I’ve been working as time allows and have a bunch of updates to show in this post. Also recently successfully tested water system and changed the bad tire out.

Reserved a spot this weekend so had to scramble to make a temporary couch frame. While I’m out I’ll flush the tanks a few times, test the hot water heater and try the AC!

Removed the toilet because the bowl seal wasn’t holding antifreeze for long when I winterized. I put on my hazmat suit and cleaned the toilet from as far away as possible! Moving forward I will seriously consider a composting toilet instead of a black water tank…YUCK! I purchased both the bowl seal and base seal and they are functioning with no problems now. The toilet had faded to that old yellow and had some weird paint stains on the top of the lid so I hit it with about 7-10 layers of Krylon plastic paint and it is a nice new white now.

All the insulation from being reused, rescued from trash at work, my neighbor and my Aunt was free, has been installed and fills all the voids in the ceiling! Time to put up the paneling then later will paint put up trim.

Next was the biggest project so far. Most all the seams, seals, protrusions and holes in roof need fixing. I used dicor self leveling caulk in some places then found Eternabond tape which adheres to most everything and lasts just about forever from what I’ve read. Not the prettiest thing but it has done the job nicely so far.

Started with the front seam where all the leaks I’ve found started then I taped over the dicor for added protection around the vent.

I fixed up the AC and surrounding area. **UPDATE – DO NOT DO THIS!! I learned there is an inner seal to keep water out, taping this way holds condensation in and floods inside…yup, learned a hard lesson.

When I removed the AC shroud it crumbled in my hands! The sun had deteriorated the material so bad it just fell apart. So quick call and trip to Graninger and I had an aftermarket shroud installed right in place of the old one.

I also found a vent that was all jacked up so I removed everything and put back with putty and Eternabond tape. Messy job as it was the first time I tried to tape around a round object but keeps the rain out.

Decided to temporarily put up the bunk top for extra storage. Probably just going to remove later and make a nice shelf face but it was there and the hole the PO cut is perfect for opening the upper window! The piano hinge was rusted solid in place and luckily it was at an “L” angle so I just screwed it in flush with shelf end and added a couple blocks for upper support.

Last night after work I threw together a quick couch frame for this weekend. I’m getting the hang of this framing thing thanks to my dad patiently repeating how to do it and I only had to call him with ONE question this time! 😀 The futon mattress is kinda huge but it fits and plenty of space to sit or sleep since it’ll just be me. The studs were spaced just right so I could tuck all the towing apparatus beside the fresh water tank while not in use and I can still take paneling off the seat and get to the fresh water tank, water pump and hot water heater with no problem.

The camper is getting cozy! The leaks are all fixed and the rebuild is coming along, albeit slowly as time allows. My dad gave me leftover 3/4″ maple hardwood and some other extra for the floor so that’s the next big project as soon as he has time to come down and teach me how to install that stuff.

Really looking forward to relaxing this weekend and testing the other systems out!!

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