1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P Hardwood Flooring

This one is too fancy for this camper! My dad had leftover hardwood flooring taking up space in his garage from various jobs and offered it for the camper. After measuring, there turned out to be just enough to do the whole camper with some creative sectioning of the dinette area. There is white maple throughout, dark oak under dinette area and light oak in the back bunk section. I held and cut things a lot while my dad did all of the calculating and installation but I watched closely so I gained more knowledge that day!

You can view the whole process by starting here in the photo album or keep reading below for the details.

I was really surprised the floor came glossy and finished. Thought I was going to have to seal it after installation but is was a plug-and-play operation. Immediately inside the door matched up perfectly even with the door frame and I can’t say enough how fancy this stuff looks in there! The main section transitioned perfectly into the rear light oak.

There was not enough white maple to span the entire camper so my dad sectioned off the dinette section with a different color. It turned out great! I cut off the dinette bench and turned the table long ways instead of sideways so there is a LOT more room to move around now too!

All the hardwood was installed in one day, trim and all!

The man and his handy work! Thanks dad, ya made the camper too fancy for itself! 🙂 Lunch on the camp grill FTW that day!

The trim has covered where the old cabinet door hinges were mounted so I’ll have to find some inside mounted ones to put back on. I want more updated cabinet hardware anyway so let the searching begin.

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