Quick Camper Updates Post

Wow it has been busy and I see I really need to get better about posting regularly.

Camper has long been winterized. I have seen multiple postings that recommend moving your camper every 2-3 months to help with tire preservation so I recently took it around the block to roll the tires around.

Move the vehicle at least every three months to help prevent ozone cracking and flat-spotting, but avoid moving it during extremely cold weather. – https://www.campingworld.com/tips/rv-tire-care/45

Before parking by the house again, I cut some 2″ thick, sealed bed boards to length to put under the tires to keep them off the dirt. Little more wobbly being up on the boards so now I’m looking into levelling jacks.

Before winter, I had tested the Harbor Freight 45W solar panel kit and everything checked out great after plugging into the camper system. Here’s a few more pictures of it all hooked up to the camper.

Another addition was a Chirstmas present from my mom and dad, an LED light strip with remote! Lights up the couch/bed area very brightly and I mounted the remote next to the door so I can turn it on to enter the camper rather than fumble around on the ceiling for the overhead.

Ready for some boondocking!!

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