1987 Fleetwood Prowler 24P decor, finish/trim work and organizing

I have been able to do some little projects that add up to significant visual changes in the camper. First I used the last piece of fabric the PO left to make a curtain for the big window. Then I covered the dinette seat with panelling. Finally, I used leftover material to make a drawer organizer.

You can skim the album pictures or read below for all the details.

I used the same technique as the other two curtains. Fold the top over itself about three times so the length is consistent then use the pointy hook thingys and poke through the fabric to hold everything in place. Finally, put each hook into an eyelet in the track under the valence. I also re-used some weird angle hooks that were on the bottom of each side. I mounted both on one side, upper and lower, so the curtain is held out of the way while open. Haven’t decided if I’ll remove blinds or just leave them raised all the time.

Next project was to cover the dinette seat framing! Been looking at that for too long. It isn’t my best work but now I have a surface to mount electrical gadgets since the battery feed, fuse box and converter are all under there.

My last and favorite project was using up leftover panelling to make drawer dividers. Cut to length then half way on each slat so they “linked” together for a secure fit. Has some non-slip stuff I put underneath and the result is a much more organized utensil drawer!

I did a little troubleshooting on the fridge also. Found a bad fuse and replaced so I was then able to see voltage with the multi-meter throughout the system while on shore power. Unfortunately, it will didn’t get below 45 in there so that wasn’t the problem. Going to do some more research and really try to get it working before I rip it out and just mount the dorm fridge, that the PO gave me with the camper, in place of the factory refrigerator.

On a plus, I heat myself out of the space with the electric radiator header in this freezing weather if I’m not paying attention while using the camper as an office. I put a wireless router in a nearby bedroom window to get a good signal in there to work. I will likely build a local web server to work off of in the summer so I can continue to code offline from wherever I may roam! Look for a Raspberry Pi web server post in my Tech category!

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