1987 Fleetwood Prowler Towing Equipment Drawer

Took me all day but I figured out how to make a towing equipment drawer from scrap wood and re-purposed material from an old, heavy duty office filing cabinet.

You can skim the photos or read on for all the details.

I used some leftover trim to attach the rails on and an old (I think 1/2″) piece of plywood for the base and used some of an old filing cabinet wood for the sides.

Then I cut up the face of one of the old filing cabinet drawers and screwed to the front of the drawer. Finished it with another piece of plywood angled for the back. Whole thing fits nice and snug and slides smoothly.

The drawer handles the weight of the equipment with no problem. I added a small chain I had around with a randon metal bracket to hold it closed until I get something more permanent while on the road.

Final product turned out great! The rails are as heavy duty as they felt and hold up great to all the towing equipment in the drawer.

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