WoodworkinIT.com website launch

Part of keeping busy for me when not at a keyboard has been woodworking. I have tried to find different things to create with old pallets destined for the landfill.

Through trial and error, I have a wine balancer that will hole 750ml or 1.5l bottles. I coat some with natural stain to keep the original look and some with Dark Walnut which really brings out the grain and makes a fancy look.

Second, I measured out and made a wine glass caddy that hangs on bottle neck and glasses hang from slots in wood. These are also in natural and Dark Walnut stain so far.

Lastly, I use the wider slats to design and make simple birdhouses. They can be screwed into fence posts or gently strapped to a tree to minimize impact on the environment. My daughter beautifully paints some and others I leave untreated.

Jump over to the woodworkinit.com blog to read the latest goings on and check out the latest product builds.

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